Nights at Rizzoli


Salvador Dalí, Jerome Robbins, Jackie Onassis. Gregory Peck, Mick Jagger—S. J. Perelman—I. M. Pei. Philip Johnson, Josephine Baker, John Lennon: they, and so many more who made New York City the center of the universe in the 1970s, all had one thing in common besides their adopted hometown—they shopped at a legendary palace of books, music and art: Rizzoli Books at 712 Fifth Avenue. There, Kennedys and Rockefellers mingled with tourists and “regular” customers under the watchful gaze of sophisticated employees, themselves a multi-talented, international collection of artists, scholars and rogues.

Nights at Rizzoli is the memoir of Felice Picano, an aspiring but near-starving young writer who in 1971 lucked into a part-time job at the stunningly elegant store via a friend. It metamorphosed into a life-changing experience, one that exposed him to some of the brightest lights in the world’s cultural capital. At the store, he himself became a key player on a stage that opened every night to a new drama that often featured romance, at times violence, and of course always the books and their readers.

And when his shift was over, in this post-Stonewall, pre-AIDS era, the handsome young bookstore manager stepped from one world into another, prowling the piers, bars and very private clubs of a different New York City.

Author: Felice Picano
224 pages, including 5 black & white photographs
Paperback ISBN 978-1-939293-67-1 • E-book 978-1-939293-68-8
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True Stories Too

trueStoriesToo.jpgPeople and Places from My Past

Award-winning author Felice Picano returns with a new collection of memoirs, True Stories Too: People and Places from My Past, expanding his highly praised portraits and anecdotes to reveal histories of his family, friends, and lovers. In this new volume Picano also delights with wonderful new tales of the many places he has lived in and visited, including New York, California, Rhode Island, Germany, and Japan.

Author: Felice Picano
Pages: 278, paperback
Pub Date: June 17, 2014

ISBN-10: 1937627152
ISBN-13: 978-1937627157
Chelsea Station Editions $15.00
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“Felice Picano, as his name suggests, is both a happy and piquant memoirist. Gifted with a prodigious memory and an inexhaustible curiosity, Picano observes everything—Japan, Berlin, his own family—in a fresh and indelible way.”
          —Edmund White

Like People In History is Back!

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  • Written by: Felice Picano
  • Narrated by: Ethan Sawyer
  • Length: 20 hrs and 11 mins
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Stonewall Cousins, Roger and Alistair, become lifelong friends when they meet as boys in 1954. After both discovering their homosexuality, their lives intersect against the backdrop of 20th Century gay culture, from the beachboy surfer days of the 1960's, to the Greenwich Village AIDS activism in the 1990's.

Picano--bestselling author, founder of the first gay publshing house in New York, and one of the original seven members of the legendary Violet Quill Club--uniquely captures American gay life and subculture during the last half of the 20th century in this brilliantly written, extraordinarily entertaining saga.

"...the gay Gone With The Wind" -- Edmund White

"Love this book!" Goodreads reader

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Wonder City of the West

from 20th Century Un-limited

Chapter 1

"The benefits of walking , especially up a hill like that one,” Dr. Deanna Cheung had said, “Are inestimable.”

Little did she know.

Deanna was my blood pressure specialist at a clinic for such, attached to a hospital, and she insisted that I walk as much as possible, and that walking regularly would be even better than the lisinopril and amlopidine she’s prescribed and that I was taking for my moderate blood pressure issue.

“Our distant ancestors walked five to six hours a day.” Deanna pointed out. “And they ate predominantly fruits, nuts and vegetables.”

I’m pretty good with produce, eat a lot. But I forebore from mentioning that our distant ancestors were three-feet-four tall, weighed sixty pounds at most and lived until the age of about seventeen.

But the hill was there. I lived two thirds of the way up a steep hill in the West Hollywood Hills, and it went all the hell the way up, a corkscrew road, with, once you got to the top, absolutely dizzying views.

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The Other Man

theothermanEdited by Paul Alan Fahey

Who is the other man? He’s an accident waiting to happen: the skateboarder round the bend, the smiling barista with the extra hot mocha, the computer geek eager to retool your mate’s hard drive. He’s a relationship gatecrasher bound by no rules and with no sense of fair play. Like Caesar, he comes, he sees, he conquers. On the flip side, you or I can be the other man, charging in and breaking the bonds of a committed relationship without a thought to the pain and misery inflicted upon the injured parties. Face it: We’re not all innocent bystanders in other-man scenarios.

The Other Man is an artistic collaboration by and about gay men and their relationships. If you’ve ever been the other man, had him invade your life, or are just plain curious about this beguiling, unpredictable and dangerous creature, then this anthology of personal essays is for you. Twenty-one of our most acclaimed authors, many Lambda Award winners and finalists, write candidly about either being the other man, suffering the other man or having their relationships tested by infidelity. What they tell us is we must take heart, it does get better and one day our luck is bound to change. We’ll survive the bumps and detours in our relationships and weather the storms, or resolve to move on. Along the way, we’ll hope to meet someone new and simpatico, maybe even our long-awaited soul mate. Life will be good again. Or will it?

Contributors include: Perry Brass, Austin Bunn, Rob Byrnes, Mark Canavera, R.W. Clinger, Lewis DeSimone, Paul Alan Fahey, Wes Hartley, William Henderson, Allen Mack, Jeff Mann, Tom Mendicino, Erik Orrantia, Felice Picano, David Pratt, Glen Retief, Jeffrey Ricker, Rodney Ross, Jason Schneiderman, Philip Dean Walker, and Chuck Willman. Edited by: Paul Alan Fahey.

Published by JMS Books
ISBN: 9781611524680
PRICE: $6.99
GENRE: Anthology • Gay • Memoirs • Nonfiction
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