Frame Up


Contemporary dramedy set in The New South of big money, rural and tech arrivistes, and Northerners on the make.  
Time: The Present
Place: South-Eastern Mid-Sized Metropolitan Area
Setting: The Beauregard Hightower Museum of Art & Culture, An old museum with a solid classical background and early
20th Century Beaux Arts building, now in the heart of one of the New South’s fastest growing, and wealthiest urban areas. Contemporary new building wings literally surround the old building; while railroad cars full of new art have been brought in to replace a lot of the “beloved” old junk. The “fine old place” is on its way to becoming “next year’s most talked about art showcase.”
Concept: Each week one piece of art work will be visually introduced at the beginning of the program, briefly described by a “cultured” voice-over, artistically evaluated, and priced. It then becomes the primary focus of the individual program, as we discover its background, and how the Museums curators and director plan to obtain—or in some cases —discard it. If, how, and when form the suspense. In the process we will get to know the various characters in the museum and their donors involved with the piece. Longer arc plot, character and relationship development arcs will be a third focus.  
Continuing Characters:
Mel Lavigne, 45 ("Le-vine"): The Hightower Museum’s Executive Director. 
Carly Abbot, 30 ("Car-Lee"): The B.H. Museum’s Director of Sponsorship & Marketing.
Millicent Hightower Kovacs 77. (Koh-vaks). “The Unmentionables Queen,” Millicent’s from unimpeachable ancestry but married trailer-trash Stu Kovacs who can’t stop making money on ladies panties. 
Paul Sinclair, 26.the B.H.’s newest staff member, freshly Ph.D from Harvard in European and 19th Century Art. 
Raul Cjebcjech-Mendoza, 30 ("Cheb-check Men-dose-a") B. H. Museum’s Curator of Pre-Columbian Art. Of Slavic and Latino descent, his uncle is the dictator of a small Central American country, “Santa Lucia.”
Sidney Stuyvesant Simpson 35. African-American with a thick Noo Yawk accent, cousin of rapper Russell Simpson, and that’s as far as her hipness goes
O.S. Lee, 69. Head of Museum Operations, Lee overlooks the “physical plant,” from painting walls to sanitation to security. 
Lavinia Ryerson, 59, Head of Museum Protocol.
The Reeds. (20-25). Six Armani wearing, reed-thin, recent graduates of expensive girl’s colleges. Interchangeably pretty, they run errands for staff. 
Bobby Jay Baughtel 47 ("Bo-tel"). Good Ole Boy super-insurance-salesman, billionaire. 
Complete “Frame-Up world, Full Pilot Script and Precis of other episodes are available.

Looking Glass Lives


Stories within stories, secrets buried for generations, and the ghostly presence of a tragic figure from Civil War times haunts a seaside Rhode Island town and the lives of sexually precocious cousins Roger and Chas Lynch. When grown up Roger returns to live in the town's "haunted house" with his new wife, he discovers its cruel story. And the cousin's love triangle plays out eternal cycles of passion, jealousy, and perhaps also redemption.

Published by Bold Strokes Books

Pub Date: April 2009
ISBN-13: 978-1-602820760
ISBN-10: 1-60282-076-7
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Acclaim for Felice Picano's Work

"Felice Picano is a premier voice in gay letters"  - Malcolm Boyd, Contemporary Authors

 Felice Picano is "...a leading light in the gay literary world... his glints of flashing wit and subtle hints of dark decadence transcend cliches." - Richard Violette, Library Journal

 "Felice Picano is one hell of a writer!"  - Stephen King

The Lure


Noel Cumming's life is about to change irrevocably. After witnessing a brutal murder, Noel is recruited to assist the police by acting as a lure for a killer who has been targeting gay men. Undercover, Noel moves deeper and deeper into the dark side of Manhattan's gay life that stirs his own secret desires - until he forgets he is only playing a role.

Published by Bold Strokes Books

ISBN-13: 978-1-602820760
ISBN-10: 1-60282-076-7
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Acclaim for The Lure 

"Explosive ... Picano plays out the novel's secrets brilliantly, one deliberate card at a time. Felice Picano is one hell of a writer!" -Stephen King

"Felice Picano has taken the psychological thriller as far as it can go." -Andrew Holleran

"Exciting and suspenseful. A strong plot with plenty of action. Builds to a solid surprise ending." -Publishers Weekly

Late In The Season


A telling novel about gay life after Stonewall, Late in the Season is one of the finest novels in the long career of one of the founding members of the Violet Quill Club. Set on Fire Island in late September, this is the story of an unlikely pair of friends - a gay composer in his late thirties and an eighteen-year-old schoolgirl - both of whom are trying to make sense of their complicated lives. But much more than this, it is a compelling portrait of a magical time and place, after the Stonewall riots opened up so many possibilities and before AIDS forever changed the face of the gay world.

Published by Bold Strokes Books
Pub Date: June 2009
ISBN-13: 978-1-602820821
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Acclaim for Felice Picano's Work 

"Felice Picano is a premier voice in gay letters." - Malcolm Boyd, Contemporary Authors 

Felice Picano is "...a leading light in the gay literary world... his glints of flashing wit and subtle hints of dark decadence transcend cliches." - Richard Violette, Library Journal 

"Felice Picano is one hell of a writer!" - Stephen King

Cutting Block: Single Slices vol. 1


Do You Love Ghost Stories?
Frightening Stories?

How about Felice Picano’s ghost stories? His book Looking Glass Lives? Or his much anthologized short stories—“Hunter,”Absolute Ebony,”Room Nine,”Uneasy Spirits”. and “Nightly Visitor?”

Then you will love Picano’s new novelette, “After Sunset in the Second Parlor Garden” just published along with 8 other scary pieces by other authors in the brand new collection Cutting Block: Single Slices Volume 1. On sale August 25th, 2017

Picano sets his very contemporary new tale in the high risk, winner takes all world of TV series today. When a newlywed couple of television writers move into a house in Beverly Hills that’s never been on the market, they are not prepared for those strange whisperings in the lovely little attached garden. -- And anyway what harm could a little gossip do?....

Cutting Block Single Slices, Volume 1, edited by Patrick Beltane
Kindle Edition $3.99, paperback edition $12.95
ISBN 978-0-9961159-2-6
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“A well crafted gateway to works of the strange, the unsettling, the terrifying, Highly recommended for readers who enjoy a bit of macabre with their literary taste."   –Bram Stoker Award winner Eric J. Guignard