Very Large Array


A Romantic in-space and on earth science-fiction, late 21st Century
Setting: Futuristic Pasadena and Jet Propulsion Lab, and a large Space Station orbiting high above the earth.

Log Line:

In 2077, a medically tech-enhanced threesome play futuristic sports and sort out their intricate personal lives, until a catastrophe threatens the existence of their orbital residence and possibly all life on Earth.


A science-fiction film set in the year 2077, primarily upon the Very Large Array, one of a three part system of light, radio and other data-gathering structures orbiting in space at the LaGrange point--and secondarily back on earth at Jet Propulsion City. in California.

"Space cowboys" and inseparable companions Josh Mathias and Tony Emerson are working on a girder of the VLA when their robot's video monitor receives on-screen visuals showing an alien planet surface undergoing seismic catastrophe while primitive humanoids scramble for safety. Astronomer Riley de Marco arrives from JPL City with her crack team to discover the source of video relay.

Even before completion, the expensive new Hubble Telescope on the VLA has delivered images of an earthlike world to house scores of billions of humans living on the overpopulated, polluted planet below. The unknown world is being "cleansed" of life due to another star near it going “nova:” making that planet a perfect destination for the human starships already being built next to the VLA.

Riley, Josh and Tony are an elite team. Their "Hi-Bio" health status -- based on micro-chip and advanced longevity nanotechnology -- unites them and separates them from the masses of normal-lived humans who are rioting to gain more internal technology and longer lives. Both men are athletes, Tony is reigning champion of the VLA's wild new sport, Air-Skate Boarding. Divorced Riley, who lost a teenage son in an huge electronics-tech "crash", falls hard for Josh and wants to start a family with him. They begin an erotic union, but nothing more. Riley has to return to earth to discover how and why the apparently hetero Josh is so bound to Tony.

Meanwhile, during their work on the Hubble Lens a completely unexpected, unparalleled disaster occurs on Earth. Suddenly all personal issues must take a backseat as the three fight off increasing chaos on the VLA and below in a race to find a way to save humanity from an unanticipated end.     

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