Universal Donor


Fantasy Medical drama

Log Line:

An engaging petty lawbreaker discovers that his body contains the cure to a worldwide plague; but is he prepared for the complex results when he decides to sell his body to medicine?


What if one person in the entire world was discovered by accident to contain in his blood, in his tissues, in his very DNA, the cure for a world wide epidemic? What if that same person were deemed to be "not useful to society" by virtue of being a petty criminal, or drug-addict, or homosexual or all of them and powerful people and professional groups demanded his freedom be restricted in order for him to become an involuntary donor of his blood, tissue and/or DNA to save millions of lives?

What if he has a woman friend with her own issues and problems, who comes to care for him, despite him, and who helps resists them all, in the attempt to preserve and defend his freedom and rights as an individual?

Universal Donor is a twenty-first century drama set in contemporary Los Angeles about a feckless, charming, seductive, irresponsible young man, Byron Scotti, who discovers that he possesses one of the greatest gifts of all, the ability to save mankind from one of the worst medical scourges in history.

How he makes his discovery and his relationship with pro-bono attorney Lynn LaBorde, his older sister's best friend, daughter of ambitious "golden-boy" state senator Rick LaBorde, forms one part of this riveting drama.

What happens to Byron, Lynn, Rick, Russian emigre Alexey Brickov and his mother as a result of Byron's decision to cash-in on his gift forms the rest of the story: it's the old fable of selling your soul to the devil, updated, and made as relevant as yesterday's headlines.

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