Tales From A Distant Planet

DistantPlanet cover

by Felice Picano
(January 2006)

With stylistic mastery and typical daring, Californian writer Felice Picano delivers seven groundbreaking stories that go beyond anything before imagined. In The Perfect Setting, landscape paintings give clues to different crimes they depict, possibly including the murder of the artist herself. In One Way Out, a backpack traveler strives to escape a strange and frightening nightmare existence, only to discover it is monitored by psychiatrists. People of different epochs experience fragile encounters and love affairs in the novella Ingoldsby, a very different, almost Noel Coward-comedy, time-travel story. Future interplanetary explorers find themselves caught up in a seductively dangerous planet in Food for Thought. And our future cosmic civilization traces back to its roots within the ruins of an unknown, extinct species in The Secret of the Abandoned Monument. All seven stories are gripping experiences that will take readers out of this world. Destined to become a classic bestseller, Tales: from a distant planet clearly illustrates why Felice Picano has become not only one of the world's most influential and respected writers but a popular cultural icon.
Publisher: French Connection Press
Paperback: 14x21cm, 250 pages

ISBN: 978-2-914853-05-7
List Price: $18.75 (USD) $25 (CAD) €15 (EUR) £10.50 (GBP) $30 (AUD)
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