Late In The Season


An unexpected contemporary romance adapted from Picano's classic novel of the same name.
Setting: An east coast beach community as it is closing down for the fall and winter.


Young residents of a beach colony in late September find themselves in a unique, and uniquely difficult love triangle.


Jonathan and Daniel are longtime gay lovers who have everything: great looks, good loving, a house in town, a house on the ocean, successful careers, loving friends, families, even kids (by Dan's first marriage).

But when Daniel flies to England to produce a TV series he leaves Jonathan in the throes of creative crisis with his new composition: a piano concerto commissioned by a major orchestra. And  ripe for trouble and also for seduction.

Enter their beach house neighbor, Stevie Locke, twenty years old, and in her own personal crisis, questioning everything including her boyfriend and her future. Circumstances in the nearly empty retreat throw the two lonely young people together and an completely unlikely love affair begins, witnessed by the few remaining residents of the summer place who have their own interest, agendas, and desires concerning the pair.

Can this romance last, and if so, how much destruction will it wreak all around it? Late in the Season is a frank, erotic and romantic love story set in a contemporary summer resort that asks what exactly is the nature of infatuation versus that of commitment; and who does really belong together.


Full length treatment available

Frame Up


Contemporary dramedy set in The New South of big money, rural and tech arrivistes, and Northerners on the make.  
Time: The Present
Place: South-Eastern Mid-Sized Metropolitan Area
Setting: The Beauregard Hightower Museum of Art & Culture, An old museum with a solid classical background and early
20th Century Beaux Arts building, now in the heart of one of the New South’s fastest growing, and wealthiest urban areas. Contemporary new building wings literally surround the old building; while railroad cars full of new art have been brought in to replace a lot of the “beloved” old junk. The “fine old place” is on its way to becoming “next year’s most talked about art showcase.”
Concept: Each week one piece of art work will be visually introduced at the beginning of the program, briefly described by a “cultured” voice-over, artistically evaluated, and priced. It then becomes the primary focus of the individual program, as we discover its background, and how the Museums curators and director plan to obtain—or in some cases —discard it. If, how, and when form the suspense. In the process we will get to know the various characters in the museum and their donors involved with the piece. Longer arc plot, character and relationship development arcs will be a third focus.  
Continuing Characters:
Mel Lavigne, 45 ("Le-vine"): The Hightower Museum’s Executive Director. 
Carly Abbot, 30 ("Car-Lee"): The B.H. Museum’s Director of Sponsorship & Marketing.
Millicent Hightower Kovacs 77. (Koh-vaks). “The Unmentionables Queen,” Millicent’s from unimpeachable ancestry but married trailer-trash Stu Kovacs who can’t stop making money on ladies panties. 
Paul Sinclair, 26.the B.H.’s newest staff member, freshly Ph.D from Harvard in European and 19th Century Art. 
Raul Cjebcjech-Mendoza, 30 ("Cheb-check Men-dose-a") B. H. Museum’s Curator of Pre-Columbian Art. Of Slavic and Latino descent, his uncle is the dictator of a small Central American country, “Santa Lucia.”
Sidney Stuyvesant Simpson 35. African-American with a thick Noo Yawk accent, cousin of rapper Russell Simpson, and that’s as far as her hipness goes
O.S. Lee, 69. Head of Museum Operations, Lee overlooks the “physical plant,” from painting walls to sanitation to security. 
Lavinia Ryerson, 59, Head of Museum Protocol.
The Reeds. (20-25). Six Armani wearing, reed-thin, recent graduates of expensive girl’s colleges. Interchangeably pretty, they run errands for staff. 
Bobby Jay Baughtel 47 ("Bo-tel"). Good Ole Boy super-insurance-salesman, billionaire. 
Complete “Frame-Up world, Full Pilot Script and Precis of other episodes are available.
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