Sight Unseen


Romantic-police thriller, adapted from Picano’s critically acclaimed short story, “The Perfect Setting” in Tales From a Distant Planet.

Log Line:

A grieving detective learns a dead friend’s paintings depict the scene of crimes she never could have witnessed--including that of her own murder.


Detective Daniel Weill is late for the opening of Melanie Chase's new exhibit of paintings and when he does arrive it's only to find the beautiful artist in a classic crime conundrum-- locked inside an otherwise vacant art gallery and dead of poison.

Suicide, the police assume, and so does Auburn, owner of the gallery, as well as Melanie's wealthy mother and her stockbroker ex-fiancee. But widower Weill, who mysteriously left active duty to teach at the Police Academy, becomes obsessed by the need to discover the truth, and by his belief that the haunting painting Melanie grasped at in her dying moment was a final message to him.

At first resisted and then aided by lovely gallery assistant, Susan Vight, who has her own motives and secrets, Weill begins a search for a truth no one but he wants to know, a search that unearths the eerie power of Melanie's artistic gift, and the idea that we are all guilty, and somehow, somewhere, someone like Melanie Chase somehow knows all about it and can depict it in art, time and place notated -- sight unseen.

Sight Unseen is a taut, romantic, erotically charged, contemporary police thriller with a sensual, supernatural ambience, set in the glossy, wealthy high society and Fine Art World of The Thomas Crown Affair.

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