Cutting Block: Single Slices vol. 1


Do You Love Ghost Stories?
Frightening Stories?

How about Felice Picano’s ghost stories? His book Looking Glass Lives? Or his much anthologized short stories—“Hunter,”Absolute Ebony,”Room Nine,”Uneasy Spirits”. and “Nightly Visitor?”

Then you will love Picano’s new novelette, “After Sunset in the Second Parlor Garden” just published along with 8 other scary pieces by other authors in the brand new collection Cutting Block: Single Slices Volume 1. On sale August 25th, 2017

Picano sets his very contemporary new tale in the high risk, winner takes all world of TV series today. When a newlywed couple of television writers move into a house in Beverly Hills that’s never been on the market, they are not prepared for those strange whisperings in the lovely little attached garden. -- And anyway what harm could a little gossip do?....

Cutting Block Single Slices, Volume 1, edited by Patrick Beltane
Kindle Edition $3.99, paperback edition $12.95
ISBN 978-0-9961159-2-6
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“A well crafted gateway to works of the strange, the unsettling, the terrifying, Highly recommended for readers who enjoy a bit of macabre with their literary taste."   –Bram Stoker Award winner Eric J. Guignard