Interviewing the Interviewer

eric andrews katz web

by Felice Picano - special to Seattle Gay News

How do you interview a well-known local interviewer?

According to the old saying, very, very carefully. But first you need a reason, and second you need a topic.

Luckily I have both.

The reason is that I allowed Eric Andrews-Katz to talk me into coming to the Pacific Northwest to do a series of reading events with him. Seattle is the first stop, then Vancouver, and then Spokane. This is my first visit in over twenty years when my big gay saga, Like People in History, was published. The truth is that I didn't need much persuading; I've been so welcomed in the past that I needed very little prodding.

Second is the topic and that of course is the news that the local - and now nationally-recognized - interviewer that Eric Andrews Katz has developed into via the Seattle Gay News, is now an author of three books.

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