Picano: Mover & Shaker

Picano and Andrews-Katz

An interview by Eric Andrews-Katz - Seattle Gay News A&E Writer

Felice Picano is one of the legendary movers and shakers of the modern LGBT literary movement. Felice has been writing since the 1970's, while living in New York, and became a founding member (along with Edmund White and Andrew Holleran) of the famous Violet Quill group, as well as a founding member of the Gay Men's Health Crisis. Between 1988 and 1990, AIDS claimed the lives of four of these men. He's published over 40 books, including the great gay epic saga, Like People in History, as well as short stories and plays, and has chronicled his extensive, colorful life in several memoirs. His latest memoir Nights at Rizzoli, recalls the latter half of the 1970's in New York City when Felice worked at the prestigious bookstore while exploring the city's exploding, pre-Stonewall, pre-AIDS, gay lifestyle.

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